Sporting Heritage

Our network exists to support the collection, preservation, access and research of sporting heritage in the UK and wider. We:

  • deliver the National Sporting Heritage Day Campaign on the 30th September every year
  • run major national projects focusing of specific collections areas
  • deliver an annual national conference and other training and networking activity
  • support organisations to better understand and protect their collections
  • ensure collections are removed from risk and made accessible to a range of audiences
  • research and advocate for the role and value of sporting heritage
  • manage the database for sporting heritage collections
  • work with a number of sporting heritage ambassadors who help us to raise the profile of the sector
  • deliver the Sporting Heritage programme of AHRC Collaborative Doctoral Partnership PhDs
  • lever in investment to the sector through public and private funding streams

Sporting heritage means everything from medals and trophies, to equipment, kit, records, stadia, and oral history. It’s held in formal heritage venues such as museums and archives, by sports governing bodies and clubs, and by private individuals. All of these groups form part of our network and support the development of our strategic plan and delivery.

For more information, please visit our website, follow us on twitter @sportinghistory, or contact Dr Justine Reilly by email at

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