Contemporary Collecting Network

A network for professionals, researchers and students interested in the practice of contemporary collecting in museums.

The Contemporary Collecting Network recognises the increasing importance of contemporary collecting as a cross-disciplinary subject specialism. It supports the sharing of work and research in this field by providing a network for critical thinking, discussion and resource sharing. It aspires to become a space of learning, problem-solving and safe space to discuss challenges within this area.

Contemporary Collecting Network aims to:

  • Deliver one seminar or workshop a year
  • Support ad hoc, casual and informal, networking social conversation throughout the year
  • Occasionally create publications
  • Create a resource bank of literature, reports and case studies relevant to membership
  • Maintain a jiscmail
  • Work with other subject specialisms to consider the importance of contemporary collecting within them and further the interdisciplinary nature of contemporary collecting
  • Assist in creating awareness about contemporary collecting to communities and non-specialist museum professionals
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