Contemporary Studio Ceramics

The Centre of Ceramic Art (CoCA) is part of York Museums Trust which set up a Subject Specialist Network (SSN) with the aim of bringing together people with an interest in Contemporary Studio Ceramics.

We currently have over 130 members and want to expand further to increase the knowledge and celebration of studio ceramics.

At the heart of the SSN are the public collections of contemporary studio ceramics held in museums and galleries across the UK and the ambition to create a supportive peer group for curators looking after these collections.

The group aims to:

  • Create opportunities to get together and hear what colleagues and peers in other parts of the country are up to;
  • Encourage the sharing of expertise and collections;
  • Develop partnership projects for public benefit.

The network is free to join and means you will receive (and can send out) emails to promote your new exhibition, partnership or project to other SSN members, as well as us providing two meetings a year in different venues across the UK for networking.

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