Leather in Heritage Network

The Leather in Heritage Network comprises organisations who share an interest in leather in heritage, museums, collections, and traditional crafts. It brings together a variety of specialists and organisations with expertise in the creation, conservation, and curation of historic leather. The objective of the network is to provide a hub for those seeking information on the conservation and guardianship of historic leather objects, to provide advice and information on context and presentation of leather in historic collections, and to connect people around the world with leather heritage through collections, and traditional forms of design and making.

Network Services

  • Conservation and collections care
  • Conservation crafts and courses
  • Education and outreach
  • Leathercraft courses
  • Promotion

Network Activities

  • Leather conservation services and consultancy
  • Research
  • Conservation courses
  • Heritage advice and advocacy
  • Community engagement
  • Leathercraft workshops
  • Schools and educational outreach
  • Networking events
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