Places, Plants and People Archive Network

The Places, Plants and People Archive Network brings together a diverse group of archives with holdings on living landscapes, plants and their place in communities and provides a forum to connect in a meaningful and sustainable way. Collections include, but are not limited to, holdings of botanical, agricultural and horticultural archives, records of community gardens, landscape preservation, landscape architecture and land management, as well as the broader documentation of socio-cultural perspectives and heritage.

The network is a space that allows archives with overlapping and complementary collections to support one another and share expertise, to seek joint research and funding opportunities, to better connect with audiences in collaborative and creative ways, to be bolder in approaching the challenges of the digital age, and to work together on common themes and issues – from awareness, social media presence and online exhibitions to inclusion, coordinating acquisitions and discoverability.

If you have any questions or would like to join the network please email Kiri, our Vice-Chair, at

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