Classical Collections Network

The Classical Collections Network is a new Subject Specialist Network for anyone working with classical objects in UK museums, including members of museum staff, PhD students, academics and volunteers. ‘Classical’ collections are defined broadly as collections from the ancient Mediterranean world, including Greek, Etruscan, Roman and Cypriot material.

The aims of the network are to:

  • Help UK museum curators and staff to access specialist advice on classical objects in their collections, including identification, translation and interpretation based upon current academic research and knowledge;
  • Promote public engagement with classical objects in UK museums;
  • Provide information on best practice and new research relating to care, management, understanding and presentation of classical collections;
  • Provide opportunities for networking, collaboration and exchange of information among people working with classical objects in UK museums (including museum staff members, university academics, students and special interest groups);
  • Work towards mapping classical collections across the UK;
  • Advocate for the significance of classical collections in UK museums and the importance of specialist expertise in making them accessible to a wide audience.
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