Museums Immersive Network

The network has been established to promote and share best practice, new developments, skills development opportunities, and potential collaborations with immersive technology and museums. Immersive technology offers the potential to interpret our collections and share our stories in new, accessible, and interesting ways. We hope the Museums Immersive Network will support the establishment of immersive technology more broadly within the sector and boost confidence in working with tech businesses to create new experiences for our communities.

The Museums Immersive Network aims to:

  • Establish an international network where expertise can be established and developed collaboratively.
  • Address the power imbalance in working relationships between museums and immersive tech companies.
  • Support collaborative partnerships between museums, tech companies, and higher education institutions.
  • Provide a platform for honest conversation about issues in the heritage and immersive technology sectors through our Immersively, Museums podcast.
  • Encourage a forward-thinking culture of positivity towards museums.
  • Provide upskilling opportunities for those wishing to develop their knowledge and understanding of immersive technology.
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