Museum Ethnographers Group (MEG)

MEG is an active interface between museum professionals and university-based researchers, supporting specialist and non-specialist curators caring for ethnographic and world cultures collections.

MEG is a UK-based but international collective, whose members include:

museum curators, conservators & educators
university academics & students
artists & individuals interested in world cultures

Originally established in 1975, MEG has a long history of bringing individuals, institutions and museum collections together to build knowledge and understanding around museum ethnography, engaging in and leading debate on current issues relating to world cultures.

MEG’s objectives are

  • to advance the arts, culture, heritage and science by supporting the practice of museum ethnography
  • to be central in the exchange of information and resources between museum staff, academics and others concerned with ethnographic and world cultures collections
  • to support non-specialist staff curating world cultures collections
  • to develop guidelines for good practice
  • to further cultural understanding
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