British Art Network

The British Art Network (BAN) promotes curatorial research, practice and theory in the field of British art. Our members include curators, academics, artist-researchers, conservators, producers and programmers at all stages of their professional lives.

All are actively engaged in caring for, developing and presenting British art, whether in museums, galleries, heritage settings or art spaces, in published form or in educational settings, across the UK and beyond.

BAN provides a place for sharing expertise, helps forge connections, and creates time and space for critical exchange and debate. Our activities are defined by our membership and reflect a broad range of expertise, experience and viewpoints.

At the heart of everything we do there is a collective commitment to expanding definitions of British art, acknowledging complex historical truths and their present-day resonances, and communicating the continuing public value of British art collections and curatorial expertise around the UK.

The British Art Network supports multiple strands of activity, including:

  • Member-led Research Groups that focus on specific topics within British art
  • Workshops, seminars and conferences programmed by BAN members and invited convenors. Aiming to go beyond conventional academic formats to provide imaginative approaches to curatorial research, these series address a wide range of curatorial needs and interests
  • A dedicated Emerging Curators Group, providing a supportive forum for the next generation of curators specialising in British art
  • Publication of a quarterly newsletter, comprising interviews with network members, articles from past and present bursary awardees, information about upcoming events and opportunities in the sector

The British Art Network is jointly led by Tate and the Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art.

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