Reap the Rewards: Benefiting from Rural Networks (North East)

at Beamish: The Living Museum of the North

Do you want to feel more confident about using your rural collection in a greater range of stories and activities, creating a better visitor experience?
Do you want to develop better awareness of routes available to access information, advice or help about rural collection issues?
If you are a non-specialist working with, or looking after, rural and agricultural collections in any role, the Rural Museums Network (Specialist Subject Network for rural collections) has created a practical knowledge-development seminar specifically for you. This national programme, run regionally, is free to attend, and comes with a bursary opportunity.
Be inspired and acquire practical experience from our host museums across the regions on a variety of projects related to using rural collections to create better experiences for visitors, and sustainable organisations.
Experience the value of rural collection networking, and gain knowledge about how you can access Rural Museums Network information, advice or help.
You will take away:
• Inspiration and practical experience, targeted at non-specialists, from your host museum relevant to rural collections and their stories, to create better experiences for visitors
• Understanding of how the RMN can support your development, with signposting to relevant resources, information, advice and expertise
• A new network of regional and national colleagues working with rural collections
• An opportunity to contribute to the development of the RMN to ensure it continues to be a source of relevant support to all those working with rural collections.
Book by region or a location or theme that catches your eye – the choice is yours.

The North East event at Beamish: The Living Museum of the North – At this museum, telling the story of life in North East England, displaying the rural story hasn’t stopped still. Seb Littlewood, Senior Keeper, will share the journey of their 1940s Farm, and how through trial and error it’s turned from their least visited exhibit into one popular with all visitors, opening up more collections in the process. He will also share their Re-making Beamish project, involving moving, and telling the story of, a hill farm.
Your RMN host will be Bob Clark, Director of the Auchindrain Trust.

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